How to Record Your Skype Calls Easily and Conveniently?

Skype is arguably the most popular video calling and instant messaging tool out there. It’s widely used for doing interviews, conference calls, and even personal calls.

However, to many users’ disappointment, Skype doesn’t allow recording the calls. But it’s something extremely important, especially for the professionals out there who use it to do interviews or talk to their clients.

Sure, there’s always the option of scribbling down notes and typing out the important parts of the conversation, but it’s far from convenient. Besides the possibility of missing out on some important parts of the conversation, it also tends to take the focus away from the call. Hence, it surely isn’t the perfect solution.

However, there are quite a few Skype call recorders out there that boast of being the perfect alternative. That being said, it makes sense to look into them and get the one that seems to be the best Skype call recorder for you.

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype

TalkHelper call recorder for Skype

TalkHelper’s Skype call recorder is a windows-only tool that allows you to record your Skype audios and videos.  It comes with a long list of other features as well, including recording chats, changing your mood messages, allowing you to answer chat messages while being on a call, playing emotion sounds during a call, notifying the users that you’re already on a call when they call you during the call, and many more.

The recordings are saved in the convenient MP3 or WAV format. You can also make it record all the calls automatically, as soon as they are started.

Apparently, the only downside it comes with is that its free version allows only 15 minutes of call recording. If you tend to have longer calls, you would have to get the premium version, which would set you back by $25.

As far as setting it up is concerned, it’s fairly easy and you just have to follow the simple instructions it provides you with.

MP3 Skype Recorder

Record Skype calls with MP3 Skype recorder

This may turn out to be the best Skype call recorder for many as it offers pretty much everything you would ever need as far as recording your videos is concerned.

First things first, the MP3 Skype recorder is quite similar to Pamela in terms of functionality and usability, but actually goes much beyond when it comes to the features offered. Besides working as a Skype call recorder, it also allows you to record P2P (computer to computer calls), as well as SkypeOut calls and the calls made to a Skype Online number.

Furthermore, it’s a completely free tool and unlike Pamela, doesn’t come with any limitations. There’s only the free version, but it allows you to record videos of any length without having to pay anything.

The MP3 Skype recorder works only on Windows, and uses a port on your computer and the LAME MP3 encoder to record calls.

It’s quite easy to set up as well. Once you start your Skype client, you can simply launch the MP3 Skype recorder and it will start monitoring your Skype activity. It integrates seamlessly with your Skype conference calls, and also allows for automatic and manual recording.

This is something many users love about the software, as not everyone is comfortable with having a ton of useless recordings saved on their computer that only makes it hardly to sort through the important ones.

Furthermore, another unique feature of the MP3 Skype recorder is that it’s capable of splitting the recording into two different tracks, so that there’s a separate recording of the caller and the person called.

The recordings are saved in the ever so convenient MP3 format as well as a few other popular formats. The user interface is quite user friendly as well.

Skype Call Graph recording plugin

Call graph for Skype

As the name suggests, it’s actually just a plugin that integrates itself with your Skype client, and starts recording the video calls as soon as they are started in an MP3 or WAV format. It can record conference calls, SkypeIn, SkypeOut, phone interviews, podcasts, and of course, Skype to Skype.

You would find the saved recordings in the My Documents\My Call Graphs folder. The one thing about stands out about this plugin is that the user interface is really advanced, and it also comes with a built-in flash player.

You can get it for free without any limitations if you don’t mind the ads it will keep throwing at you. However, if you think you will end up getting annoyed with them, you may want to get the ad-free version by either paying a one-time fee of $25 or $12 annually.

MX Skype Recorder

MX Skype recorder

This is another plugin that works by integrating itself with your Skype client. However, it also works for Google talk, Yahoo Messenger and even most of the other VOIP applications out there. This definitely makes it quite useful if you tend to use many such voice calling applications.

Coming to the features, it offers both automatic and manual recording, as well as allows you to save the recordings either as a single or dual audio track. The recordings are saved in both the MP3 and WAV format.

WireTap Studio

WireTap Studio

This recording software is specifically designed for Mac. However, as per its website, some of its features are not yet available for the MacOS X 10.7, but they will probably be made available soon.

This is a fairly unique application compared to most of the ones we talked about, and it claims to be able to record pretty much everything that your microphone receives.

It also comes with a wide range of unique effects that allow you to edit your audios and give them a professional touch. Furthermore, it also allows exporting all the audio files from the recorded sources to your Mac.

Then there’s also another great feature that allows you to record from two different sources simultaneously.

However, don’t expect this feature-packed audio recorder to come for free. In fact, it comes with a relatively hefty price tag of $69.

Ecamm Call Recorder

Ecamm call recorder

This is another innovative plugin for Mac that allows you to record Skype video, calls, and podcasts. It saves them in an MP3 format on your Mac machine, and offers the automatic recording option just like some of the other Windows applications on this list.

You can also add the name and date with the recordings, so it would definitely help you keep things organized.

It costs a little under $30, but you can check out the demo version as well which is absolutely free.



If you would want to have something that can record your Skype video and audio calls on both Windows and Mac, IMcapture would probably be your best bet.

Formerly SkypeCap, IMcapture can record both your Skype video and audio calls, and save them in the format of your choice. While the available formats for video calls include MPEG4, MPEG, PSP MGEP4, FLV, SWF, VOB, as well as Quicktime Movies (MOV), the audio calls can be saved in the MP3, WMA, and AAC format.

However, you will probably be glad to know that IMcapture also comes with many other features that allow sharing the video and audio calls, saving them on a CD, converting the files into different formats, and many more.

You would have to shell out around $50 if you want all these features without any limitations. You can get the free version too, but it comes with many limitations that make it practically impossible to use for professional purpose.

Skype Alternatives from Google for both FREE Video and Phone Calls

Google Video Conference is another major Skype call recorder. Google has always been a forerunner in the technology race. So it was to no one’s surprise that it had followed Skype and start its own voice calls services as one of the Skype alternatives, shortly after Skype’s official launch. Google Talk is available in all kind of languages, ranging from your familiar English, to Turkish, which is one of the program’s great merit as one of the Skype alternatives. Other alternatives of Skype does not provide such easy language switch ability. Because of this, users from all around the world can use the program to chat freely without any concerns for any language confusion beforehand. Google Talk is also available on most major Operating Systems, such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, Google Chrome OS (Google’s own operating system), Android and Blackberry OS, meaning there would be no excuse for anyone to go missing.

Skype Alternatives Google Talk offers free calls, free text messages, and free video calls
Skype Alternatives Google Talk offers free calls, free text messages, and free video calls

And by Google Talk, Skype Alternatives would be going through both the online plug in service and the desktop software. I am sure our readers would like both to be talked about.

Another great use of Google Talk, as one of the prominent Skype alternatives would be its Interoperability, which means the ability where a system would be able to work with another system without much effort, meaning Google Talk would allow users of 2 very different systems like Windows 7 and Google Chrome OS to work together with great synergy.

One more fantastic function that Google Talk(the plug-in edition), as one of the Skype alternatives, has utilized would be their  coherent and consistent integration into most of Google’s other programs such as Gmail and Orkut. This would mean there would be no need to download any add-ons onto your Gmail account at all. Another nifty function that Google has included, Skype Alternatives have found out, is that Google Talk would display the current song that your computer is playing. Your friends would be able to find out your favourite genres; allowing more time spent on the social program.

Skype alternative GTalk lets you Show your current Music Track
Skype Alternatives: Show your current Music Track

Another good function that Skype Alternatives found out is that Google has provided would be the complete encryption that exists between the Google Talk clients and servers. What this means for users would be that your conversation would not be intercepted by malicious programs or people who would want to listen into your conversation. Thus, if there are some confidential information needed to be traded between 2 people online, Google Talk would be a good way to go.

However, Skype Alternatives also had some nuances while using Google Talk. One of them is the inability to Video Call 3 and more ways. As evidenced by FaceFlow and ooVoo, both great Video Call Programs, they had differentiate themselves from the competition. However, GoogleTalk did not have such unique services. If GoogleTalk, with its’ large servers, could implement mass video calls conference, then GoogleTalk would certainly be a winner and set themselves out amongst the competition. Another problem faced would be phishing attempts by companies wanting to get hold of your personal information. Skype Alternatives noted that there were phishing attempts in the past, aimed at Google Talk. This would perhaps cheat and mislead those who are still trying out the world of the Internet but don’t be mistaken; Google Talk is still a great app to use.

Ultimate Calling service: Download VSee group video conference calling software

Group video conferencing is getting more and more popular with the internet booming. VSee group video conference calling software is a fantastic software where you could have video conferencing with your mates and business partners. Video Conferencing is an important part in businesses and would allow them to communicate easier. Vsee includes a lot of features into its software, where I would review it in the next paragraph.

Stunning crystal clear video quality

The first feature that Vsee provides to its users would be its ability to transmit the images through high definition quality. This means that Vsee would allow common users who likes to video conference with crystal clear 720p quality and this is quality that you can rely upon. Imagine when you are video conferencing with your business mates and would need to show them a document through the webcam.

Download VSee for great video quality

Download VSee for great video quality

Vsee would be a massive asset through its 720p quality and would impress your business partners.

Superb easy application sharing

One of the great services that other video conferencing software does not provide would be application sharing. However, the great Vsee software allows you to share applications. With just a single click of a button, you would be able to share that certain application, whether it is a document or picture. Full video capability would also be maintained so that you can still chat with the opposite party when the application is being shared.

Easy Drag and Drop Transfer of Files

Transfer a file to other party by just dragging and dropping

Transfer a file to other party by just dragging and dropping

Vsee, other than providing video conferencing services, also allow very easy access and transfer of files for users. It is just a simple 3 step work for you. First, you would drag the file to the opposite party’s video window. Next, the file would automatically start transferring. Then, the opposite partner would be able to see and receive your file. This function is great for transferring documents that needs the other person’s authority. It is also satisfactory for those people who are living abroad, and would want to see how their family members are doing through a video compilation; exceedingly easy even for a computer newbie.

Synergic Low Bandwidth Program

Other than the other great features listed above, Vsee software also offer a great low bandwidth connection with the opposite party. This would be substantial for those who are living in places with piss poor bandwidth support. It would also be great for those who pinch pennies on bandwidth where they would use their handphone’s 3G or 4G network. Vsee video conferencing boasts using a great 50 percent less bandwidth than other software like Skype, Cisco or Polycom.

Disadvantages of Vsee as a Skype Alternative

As great as Vsee is, it has a few disadvantages to its name. Vsee does not provide cellular support where Android or iPhone users could take advantage of Vsee’s many uses. Vsee would do well if they have a better user interface. Users may feel a bit confused using Vsee’s program and if Vsee simplify their program, more users should join in the Vsee Community.

Convenient Skype Video Call: Google Hangouts

Need a simple alternative to Skype? Would it be  a surprise if that alternative came from none other than Google? Of course not!

If you already have a Gmail account, you have already done most of the prep work. All that is left is installing a simple plugin from Google  and voila: Free group video calls!

Google Hangouts allows up to 9 friends, family, acquaintances, whomever to join in on a single video conference call, for free.

Skype requires an install of the program and a monthly subscription to its service to initiate group calling, but this alternative makes it very easy to ditch the mainstream giant.


Spontaneity Meets Simplicity

The idea behind Google Hangouts is to create an experience where a user can drop in for a few minutes to spend some free time with a small group, much like bumping into a group of friends at a coffee house. By inviting contacts with free time to a group call, everyone can sit and chat and come and go as they please.

Hangouts easily installs into your Gmail for a more convenient experience and can invite up to 9 contacts. Google’s technology is intuitive to the point to recognize the speaker during a call and have that speaker be the focus.

Google designed this to meet the needs of 3 or more contacts who enjoy getting together for a quick hello. While it might not be the best option for 1 on 1 calling, it’s very capable to meet the needs of circles of people who have a few free moments to spend.


Bottom line is that Google Hangouts is a great Skype alternative to users who enjoy quick video group chats. It’s built for people to get in and get out.

3 great Skype Call Alternatives – Voxox, Goober, Viber and others

There are certainly many Skype call alternatives out there for everyone to choose from. This is the reason why at Skype Alternatives, we would certainly introduce our consumers on the best skype alternatives there is on the internet. First we would be talking about voxox, a great skype alternative with high interoperability. Next up on the list would be Goober Messenger where you can have up to 6 participants in a video conference; great for meetings. Last but not least, we would be introducing Viber, where you would be able to call and text others abroad for free. I hope that these 3 products would be of some help to you whether you choose them as your Skype Alternatives or not.

Skype Alternative number 1: Voxox


Voxox is new and upcoming video call software developed to fight Skype. It is available for your Windows computer and iMac, with iPhone functionality as well. Voxox uses a unique function called modality where you would be able to change between conversations from your phone to your computer or vice versa seamlessly without any loss of data. Voxox also allows you to have all your contacts in one place. No matter they are from Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo, you would be guaranteed to catch up with your close friends using Voxox. However, one bad thing about Voxox as a Skype Alternative would be that it has no Android support. Therefore, Android users would not be able to have the same experience as their Apple iPhone counterpart. They would need to implement this in order to not lose out to other competitors such as ooVoo.

Skype alternative number 2: Goober Messenger

Goober Messenger is also another new video calling software which allows the capability of video conferencing between 6 people.  What is more is that Goober Messenger would transmit these in HD- High Quality. This would mean that there would be no loss of quality- both in voice and picture quality. Thus, it would make this a great Skype Alternative. Goober Messenger also has a very friendly video tutorial, giving out instructions on certain difficult parts; very helpful for the computer illiterate or the elderly. Goober also provides flat rates to countries meaning that you would not have a bill shock by the end of your journey per month with Goober. This would also help if you are an avid video conferencing guy or have a big company abroad that needs you.

Skype alternative number 3: Viber

The last on our list, but certainly not the least, would be fantastic calling software called Viber. Viber is free of charge and allows you to call freely abroad or text message without a single penny lost if the opposite party possesses Viber too. Viber also allow you to use your existing contact list to scour for contacts that also have a penchant of using Viber, so that you could call them or text them for free using the local WiFi or 3 G network. Viber should include video conferencing ability in their app, which is a must have for any Skype Alternative and would certainly make it bigger than before.

5 great Skype alternatives, but with more features than Skype

Technology has taken us to a new level where we can chat with our loved ones whether they are in our state, country or anywhere in the world. If you are willing to meet your friends, relatives etc skype has made everything possible le with its effectiveness in making video calls and that too free of cost.

Skype video call

At present skype is the top ranked video chatting application which gained a lot of fame within past few years. Skype is the best known communicative application where you can start conversation with your client or you can also start conference with more than one conversation partner.

Google Hangout

Yes skype is always preferred choice for online chatting but there are few alternative applications servicing the similar functions as Skype.

Tiny chat

Don’t go by the name, the name may be tiny but it can perform vast range of applications. Here also you can start telephonic conversations and that too anywhere in this planet. Basically it works as a browser based communication system. You can broadcast yourself form this device.


It is also one of the best VOIP which provides conference along with the feature of computer to mobile calling. It has other features like cyberspace fax & with taped mail. This application is very much effective in offering the radiotelephonic & instant messaging opportunity. The advantage of such an application is that it comes at a very low price. Mainly it is a Canadian based service. The hardware needs for this application is normal with 500 MHz processor and running with windows XP and 2000 OSs.


This is a German application as it is from germany. This application enables its users to call other people using their PC or landline connections. No extra charges apply for texting, sharing images, chatting calling. Enjoy once installed. All you need is a broadband connection.


This is also a video chatting application which enables its users to call free from pc to pc. It offers limited calls to landlines also. Only you have to pay when you visiting the jajah site and have to enter the telephone quantity and obviously the number you desire to call.

Jajah automatically will call you and your recipient whenever call is being connected.

Jajah users get thousands of free minutes talk time per month.

Gizmo project

It falls under open source VoIP project which allows inexpensive calls all over the world. It has a similar feature like call in call out similar as skypeIn skypeOut. It gives the opportunity to communicate, record conversation and geolocations for boht caller and receiver. Again as all other protocols it allows instant messaging also. It operates under windos, linux and Mac.

Yes you are right, skype is the best but these few applications shown above having similar functions are no longer behind it, each one is a competitor of the next one.

Skype VS ooVoo in video calling

Even though they are both video-conferencing and messaging application products, they are, in fact, different dogs in the fight. One difference I see between ooVoo video calling application and Skype application application is that ooVoo video calling application allows for your friends who have NOT downloaded ooVoo video calling application to still be able to talk with you from their web browser with their Web Video Calling feature. I think that’s a pretty nifty idea, especially for those who may be on the move, at a public place, friend’s Personal Computer (PC) or laptop, etc., who can’t download the program, or don’t want to for whatever reason.
Skype application application, however, can be used to video chat from the Skype application application program to Facebook, and allows Video conferencing calls on Facebook itself.

Skype application application also has WiFi capability, allowing you to get online anywhere there’s a hotspot using Skype application application credits, paying only what you use.

ooVoo video calling application also has a web video chat feature which allows you to embed video onto your blog, website or social networking site. ooVoo video calling application also allows you to upload recorded videos directly to YouTube once recorded, too.
Skype application application can be used on a Personal Computer (PC) or laptop, tablet, or you can get Skype application application on your mobile mobile phone, home mobile phone, or on TVs, too, so you can keep in touch with your contact list while away from your Personal Computer (PC) or laptop. For Skype application application on home telephones, you can purchase a Skype application application-ready cordless mobile phone or buy the FREETALK Connect Me mobile phone adapter to use on any mobile phone you already own. For TVs, you can purchase a Skype application application-ready television or use your Bluray player with a webcam. Skype application application-to-Skype application application calling is free, but you can call anywhere in the world on Skype application application and pay from 1.2 cents a minute (via credit or subscription). I figure, since Skype application application has been around longer, it’s got the edge there, with more technology available. Neat!

ooVoo video calling application is also available for your Personal Computer (PC) or laptop, mobile mobile phone, or tablet, but there’s an asterisk on their plans page that indicates not all features are available for Mac-users. Skype application application, however, doesn’t offer much less than it does with Windows-users (no emoticons, no Facebook integration without using beta version 5.4), and has no issues running on OS X Lion.

Skype application application also can import contacts from mail servers, your mobile phone’s contact lists, Facebook and instant messages, as well as being able to use Skype application application with Facebook friends, or send IMs and text messages to contact’s cell telephones.
Both services offer a text or video chats, HD video, a recording option for saving presentations or interviews, screen sharing, and the ability to send files to other parties.